Perad – Guava cheese

Perad – Guava cheese


800 gms of ripe guava

350 gms of sugar

1 medium size lime (juice)

1 tablespoon butter

Red edible food color (optional)

Oil as required


1. Clean the guavas and boil them in little water.


2. Drain the water (store the water) and cool the guavas.


3. Cut the head part off and any black spots.

4. Now  cut the guava into two half

5. Remove the seeds and pass them through a sieve. Discard the seeds.


6. Grind the guavas to a smooth pulp, use the required quantity of water that you stores earlier (please don’t add a lot of water just enough to grind).


7. Pass the guava pulp through the sieve.

8. Add the pulp to a heavy bottom pot or pressure cooker with height (this help protect your hands from the splutters).

9. Add the sugar and cook this on low heat. Constantly stir the pulp.


10. Stirring is a must to avoid it from getting burnt at the bottom.

11. As it started bubbling add the lime juice.


12. Once the pulp reached jam consistency you can add the color.


13. Now the pulp will become thick and stirring with become difficult, at this point I normally moved the pulp into a small manageable nonstick pan (you can continue in the same pot).


14. Add the butter and keep stirring till you see Perad leaving the sides of the pot and forming a mass.

15. Take a plate and apply oil / butter to it. Add the Perad into the plate and spread it well.


16. Set it aside and cool.

17. Once it reached room temperature cut it into desired shapes (I prefer diamond cut) and serve.


Perad – Guava cheese

Bon appetite.


4 Comments Add yours

    1. alvesnaaron says:


      Its all coming up soon.



  1. Anita says:

    I love the way you have explained every detail step by step. The colour is beautiful and cutting as well. Thanks Alves


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