Onion Syrup / Jarabe de Cebolla / Kandhyachi Sherop

Onion cough syrup

Homemade Onion cough syrup gives relief from cough. Onion is known to have excellent healing properties this recipe has been handed down from generation to generation and works well on children and elders too.



2 medium size onion

2 tablespoon sugar

*** You can use natural honey instead of sugar.

***I used white onion. You can also use red onion too.

*** you can make a bigger batch as per your requirement.



1. Clean and chop the onion either rings or half-moon.


2. Take a clean dry glass jar / ceramic jar and add the onion.


3. One onion slice followed with sugar (sprinkle).


4. Repeat till all the onions are in the jar.

5. Cover and keep it overnight.


6. After a few hours you will notice the onions sweating.


7. In the morning you will find a good amount of onion syrup at the bottom of the jar.


8. Dose size is 1 tablespoon and you can take this 3-4 times in a day (good for children).

Goan Onion Syrup

9. Syrup stays good for 2-3 days. Better to make it fresh every time.

Onion Syrup


Enjoy life, it’s delicious.


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  1. Lovely share! I used to actually like this 🙂


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