Eggless Mayonnaise / Vegetarian Mayonnaise

Goan Mayo


Its lent time and I got a craving for Goan fish mayonnaise but since the one I have in the refrigerator is with Eggs I thought of whisking up a Vegetarian Mayonnaise.


½ cup cold full cream milk

1 cup Olive oil / Sunflower oil or any other

½ teaspoon (yellow) mustard dal

Juice of half small lime

½ teaspoon vinegar

2 pinch crushed pepper

½ teaspoon sugar

Pinch of salt


** Depending on the quality of olive oil you might need to increase sugar a bit.

**One teaspoon celery finely chopped (optional)

Veg Mayo


1. Take a bowl and add olive oil followed by cold milk.


2. Now pour in mustard seeds, sugar and salt.


3. To this add crushed peppercorns.


4. With a hand blender start blending this starting from the very bottom slowly working your way up.


5. Stop after a min and add lime juice, vinegar and start blending again.


6. Within another minute of blending you Mayonnaise is ready.


7. Pour it into a jar and refrigerate.

8. Use as required.

Mayonnaise Vegan

Enjoy life, it’s delicious.


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