Fire Roasted Pork

Goan Recipe

This post takes me back to the days when my grandpa would slaughter a pig along with friends and neighbors during feast or any special occasion. We would wait when grandpa would give us a piece of meat from the upper part of the shoulder / back of the pig and tell us to hand it over to grandma. We were like courier service. Grandma would apply salt and chuck the piece on top of hot ember if the piece was small but if it was a big piece she would use newspaper to wrap the meat and cook it on open fire. The whole process didn’t stop there, once the meat was ready she would cut them into cubes and send it over to grandpa and his fellow comrades. They would enjoy this as a starter with feni or urak. For the courier service we children would get a piece each and grandpa would blow the bladder into a ball and give us to play. Those were good old days.


1 kg Pork back piece (upper part of the shoulder) also known as Boston Butt

2 tablespoon Sea salt (aka namak)

Other requirements:

4 Newspapers

Enough coconut husk (soane)


1. Wash and clean the pork piece.


2. Add slits on the meat so that the salt can be applied evenly.


3. Apply salt and set it aside for 30 minutes.


4. Till then start a fire to create a hot bed of ember.


5. Now take 2 whole pages of a newspaper and soak it in water slightly.

6. Wrap the meat like an envelope in this wet newspaper.

7. Take the 2 dry newspapers and wrap it over the wet newspaper.


8. Create like a parcel and place this on the hot amber (skin side down).



9. Now add more husk on top of the meat parcel and let it catch fire.


10. You might need to fan it a bit to help the fire ignite (add more husk if required).


11. Let this cook for about 20 – 22 minutes and its done ( depending on the thickness of the meat)



12. By now you pork skin has turned into a nice crust which is amber in color.

13. Take an aluminum plate and transfer the meat on to the plate.


14. With a knife try and remove the burnt paper which might have got stuck to the meat (this comes out easily).


15. Now cut your Goan Pork Roast into cubes and serve hot.




Enjoy life, it’s delicious.


Notes :

*** If you feel that the meat is not cooked after you have removed it from the ember then you could simply wrap it again in dry newspaper and repeat the process till the meat is cooked, please don’t overcook or burn the meat.

*** If you don’t like to use newspaper you could use banana leaf or just chuck the pork piece directly on top of the amber.

*** Constant watch should be kept to ensure the meat doesn’t burn.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. BottleMasala says:

    Alves, I loved reading the story before the recipe…. the recipe, itself is fab… the pics are awesome…. have done a similar type of cooking with wet newspapers and a whole fish (caught on a boat and cooked on the shore).
    Thanx for the amazing stories and fantastic recipes….


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