kalundra - Agsal - Goan Recipes

Agsal / Agsol is an Authentic Goan Fish Curry which is easy to make and is cooked without coconut. Apart from Kalundra / Pearlspot / Kaloo / Kalu you can also use other fish like Shevto/Mullet, Pomfret, Mackerel/ bangdo or Sardines to make this delicious Goan Fish Curry.


500gms kalundra / kaloo fish (cut clean and apply salt)


Other ingredients:

2 large onion chopped

2 large tomato roughly chopped

4-5 green chilies slit

7-8 kokum

½ teaspoon turmeric

½ teaspoon cumin crushed

6 – 7 cloves of garlic crushed

½ inch ginger crushed

Salt to taste

Pinch of sugar

Water as required




1. Apply salt for the fish and set aside

2. Soak kokum’s in half cup warm water

3. Take a pot add chopped onions and crunch it till they sweat with little salt.


4. Now add the Tomatoes, chilies, cumin, turmeric, kokum with the water, sugar, ginger and garlic.


5. Add 2 cups of water to this and bring it to a rolling boil.


6. Now add the fish and cook till the fish is done.


7. Check salt to taste.

Agsal Authentic Goan Fish Curry

8. Serve this with steamed rice.

Authentic Goan Fish Curry - Agsal - Aksal

Enjoy life, it’s delicious.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. shiv kumar says:

    in kerala they take some of this masala, but a lot drier, and wrap it with the fish in a banana leaf and steam it. Karimeen pollichathu is the state dish of kerala! Didn’t know it was called Kalu! Been trying to get it in Mumbai without much success.


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      Karimeen Pollichathu is my favourite , like it better then patrani machi.


  2. Nev says:

    Looks so damn delicious. Thank you for sharing step by step method.


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      You are welcome


  3. Shirley says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I have tried it out and it was exceptional.

    Would appreciate a recipe for Samar Masala. We used to but this in Goa as a powder form and used it for Prawn curry.



  4. Suzane (TGF) :) says:

    this looks really yummy! will surely give it a try


  5. denisesankhe says:

    so there’s no oil in this one? more like a stew?


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