CONN - Moong - Goan Conn


130 gms Green mung beans / moong dal

130 gms Jaggery

½ Cup finely grated coconut

4 Cardamom crushed

Pinch of salt


*** Coconut should be finely ground if not add it to mixed and give it 4 pulse to attain the right consistency.

Goan Conn - Moong dal


1. Roast the beans / Dal slightly.


2. Put 2 tablespoon dal in a mixer and give it 3 pulse just enough to split / crush.


3. Now add the dal in a pot with 3 cup water and boil the dal / beans with a pinch of salt.


4. Once the dal is boiled add the coconut and scrapped jaggery to the pot with more 3 cups of water.


5. Cook this for another 5 minutes till the jaggery dissolves and your Goan Conn is done.


Conn - Moong dal - Goan Conn


Enjoy life, it’s delicious.


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