Sur / Toddy

For all my family / friends who want to make / cook Sanna and Sweet Goan Ball recipes but couldn’t fine Sur / Toddy outside Goa. Here is a recipe with which you can obtain good quality Sur / toddy to make your delicious Sanna / Sweet ball etc…



Made by using Tender coconut water at home

goan Sur / Toddy


450 ml Tender Coconut water

½ teaspoon Active yeast

1+2 tablespoon sugar

3 tablespoon warm water



1. Take a clean glass jar.

2. Add the tender coconut water.

3. Now add 2 tablespoon sugar to it.


4. Mix together in a bowl warm water, yeast and 1 tablespoon sugar. Set this aside for 5 minutes.


5. Add this mixture to the tender coconut water.



6. Store the jar in a warm place (room temperature) for 18 /24 hours.

7. Don’t cover the jar, keep it half open or tie a muslin cloth over the neck of the jar.


8. After 18 /24 hours it’s ready to use.

9. If you are not using the Toddy / Sur then cover and keep it in a refrigerator.

10. It can be stored for 2/3 days.

Goan Sur / Goan Toddy

11. Use room temperature Sur / toddy to make your Goan Sanna / Sweet Goan Ball recipe etc….


*** Extra sugar is added to the tender coconut water to get better results.

***Important step it to allow the Sur / Toddy to breathe after adding yeast.

Goan Sur / Goan Toddy

Enjoy making delicious recipes with homemade Goan Toddy /Goan Sur.


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  1. This was a very useful post for me 🙂 Thanks Alves!


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      you are welcome Freda… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lídia Fernandes says:

    Is the sugar and yeast added to he water in a bowl and how much water, please? Thank you.


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      Hi Lidia,

      Yeast and sugar 1 tablespoon is added to warm water (3 tablespoon).


  3. Lidia Fernandes says:

    Thank you só much from Lisbon, Portugal


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      Most welcome.. 🙂


  4. Mipath Furtado says:

    Thanks for sharing too good


  5. Maria D'Souza says:

    Hi Alves …. thanks for sharing this valuable post … Please share how to make Goan Vinegar if possible … will help many of us Goans living outside Goa …


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      Work in progress , will post soon.


      1. Maria D'Souza says:

        Thanks … waiting eagerly ….


  6. Joaquim Cardozo says:

    Appreciate your knowledge of making Sur / Toddy. Would be grateful if you could help me with the preparation of Goan vinegar.Thankyou for sharing the toddy recipe.


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      I am working on it .. will be posting soon .


  7. Merrybee8 says:

    Will definitely try.. Thanks Alves


  8. Howard says:

    Alves… I salute you. Must try this!


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      Happy I could help ..


  9. Marita Gonsalves says:

    Hi Alves,
    How many cups do we get from this quantity of coconut water??


    1. Marita Gonsalves says:

      Thank you Alves…


  10. Ivena Pinto says:

    Thank you Alves. This was a very useful post


  11. Ramira says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe for sannas bought our memories back . God bless you


  12. Rosita says:

    Thanks Alves….for this lovely recipe.
    You were to post Goa vinegar recipe and update on it?


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      Still working on it 🙂


  13. TELLIS says:

    Hi Alves, can we use this toddy for drinking ?


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