I remember those day when we use to fall sick / have an upset stomach / suffer from allergy, mom use to prepare this gravy. This is a watery gravy that was served to us when we were sick. It was amazing even though its watery and the rice would float over it, this made us feel better.

Once grandma said one of the following lines we knew we were going to get muddo along with boiled rice and “follantulem tor /thor or ambadea or torashir.

A:            “Teji gantt koxin sorlea asteli teca muddo di “

B:            “Teca tonddak ruch na zalear teca muddo di”

** Ho prath korunk mixer vo thel lagona. Ho prath hathan muddon korta, taka lagon muddo mhunta!




4 Kashmiri chilies

1 medium onion

¼ teaspoon crushed cumin

2 crushed garlic

3 tablespoon grated coconut

Small marble size tamarind (in ½ cup warm water)

¼ teaspoon sugar

Water as required (Warm)

1 – 2 Kokum (optional)

Salt to taste


** No electronic gadgets are used in the mixing process. Just your hand / figures doing the manual work.

** No need to cook in a pot, serve it warm.


1. Take a sharp object (knife) and pierce the chilies through the center and roast them over open fire, don’t burn them.

2. Roast the onion over open fire.


3. Clean the chilies (discard most of the seeds) and onion well.

4. Take a bowl add the onion and chilies and mix them with little salt, using your hand.


5. Add the crushed garlic and cumin and keep mixing with your figures.


6. Now add the grated coconut and slowly add the tamarind water as you keep manually mixing the ingredients.


7. Add sugar and required quantity of warm water (and kokum if you are using).

8. Check salt to taste


9. Serve with Goan boiled rice and follantulem tor /thor or ambadea.


Bon Appetit.


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