Crab Xec Xec

Crab Xec Xec - crab -xec xec
Crab Xec Xec

Crab Xec Xec


2 Large Crabs washed and cleaned (blue sea crabs)

Crab - Xec xec

Roast the following ingredients:

¼ freshly grated coconut

4 Kashmiri chilies

4 peppercorns

¾ tsp. coriander seeds

3 cloves

½ medium onion sliced

Little water

(Coarsely grind the above ingredients)

Crab xec xec - 1- goa -Goan

Other ingredients:

¼ tsp. turmeric powder

½ tsp. chili powder

1 medium onion chopped

1 tsp. ginger and garlic paste

Small ball of tamarind (in 80ml warm water)

1 green chili slit

Oil as required

Salt to taste


1. Add oil to a pot and sauté the onions till they turn translucent.

2. Add turmeric powder, chili powder and ginger – garlic paste. Cook till the raw flavor goes.

Crab xec xec -2- goa -Goan

3. Pour the ground roasted masala and cook it for 3-4 minutes.

Crab xec xec - 4- goa -Goan

4. Now add the crabs and cook for 2 minutes.

5. Add tamarind water and slit green chili.

Goan-Crab xec xec
Crab xec xec

6. Cook till the crabs are done and gravy comes to the required consistency. Add little water if required.

Crab xec xec - Goa - Gaon

7. Check salt to taste. The gravy should be nice and thick.

Crab xec xec - goa - goan - crab

Bon Appetit.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise Fernandes says:

    I really wish you would give instructions on cleaning crab prior to cooking. While we love to eat crab, we don’t know how to cook it. Cleaning it scares me.


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      Hi Louise,
      In my next Crab post I will give a step by step guideline as to how to clean the crab.
      till then I hope your fish vendor / seller can help you with it.


  2. djd says:

    Can you pls put all of your recipes in a pdf format.
    Thanking you dearly


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      This is wordpress format let me see what I can do .


  3. Blossom says:

    Lovely recipe. This is the first time I made crab xec xec. .It was very delicious I like all your recipes. Keep up the good work. God bless


    1. alvesnaaron says:

      Thank you so much for your wishes.


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